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05 September 2010

Homeschool-Related Activities are Now Shared at "The Homeschool Den"

In order to separate our family posts from the homeschool-related posts we have created a new website called "The Homeschool Den." If you are interested in our homeschool activities come join us at our other blog,

04 February 2010

Elora Turns Two Years Old, Feb 3

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Birthday Breakfast Picnic and Playdough Time

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Happy Birthday Elora!

Above: Decorating the cookies for Elora's cake (and eating

Below: Elora turns two!

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Elora's 2nd Birthday

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Birthday Balloons!

xoxox Thank you Grandma and Grandpa!
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03 February 2010

Telegraph Station

Don't you just love when they're saying CHEESE for the

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Playing Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush

Musical chair version!

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25 January 2010

Science Experiment & Building a Boat

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24 January 2010

Medusa Mask

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22 January 2010


Elora's so happy with herself (for picking up
the eraser with tongs)!
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19 January 2010

Elora's Such a Big Girl Now!

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11 January 2010

Another VIsit to the Desert Park

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09 January 2010

Elora and Delenn, Jan. 7

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06 January 2010

We've been doing lots of experiments

Go check it out at thehomeschoolden.blogspot.com.

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